Color: Red                                       Something you wear:  robe

Place: Rio                                        TV Show Title:  Real Housewives of __________

Store: Roamans                                Movie Title:  Robin and the 7 Hoods

Street: Roosevelt Blvd                       Holiday: Rosh Hosana

Female Celebrity: Rita Wilson           Something found in the Kitchen:  Range

Male Celebrity: Robin Williams           Job Title:  Roofer

Band: Radiohead                                State:  Rhode Island

Drink: Red Wine                                   Province: 

Boy Name: Richard                                Famous Landmark: Rushmore, Mt.

Girl Name: Ruth                                      Notorious Person:  Robin Hood

Car: Rabbit                                               Mood:  Rebellious

Boring Food:  Radish                               Something you shout:  Red Light

Something found in the bathroom: Razor  Reason for being late:  Robbed

Something found outside: Robin red-breast  Book Title:  Rebecca


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